How does an Operating system interact with each other& how do digital travel providers gather so many options for travelers to choose from?

Up to the mid-90s, to choose a hotel for your vacation, you had to call or go to a travel agent’s office to flip through a colorfully printed brochure. Then, 20 years later, there’s, or Airbnb, or Expedia, etc. 

Cheap hotels, luxury suites, rooms for families with children, hotels with tactile signs for visually-impaired guests, accommodations with electric vehicle charging on parking lots were all available from one, single interface. 

Modern Travel Booking

If you were to describe modern travel booking in one word, that word would be – connectivity. The technology that enables this kind of connectivity is an application programming interface or API for short. 

It’s nothing new or special in the tech world, but building, distributing, and selling APIs have become a niche industry in travel, building, distributing, and selling APIs. 

Commands & Communication

API is a set of commands that allows a system to communicate with another system, sharing information over the Internet, never messing with each other’s inner parts. 

Database &Channel Managers

The website records all needed information in its database: your name, your credit card number and payment system, hotel and room IDs, dates, and so on. Most hotel chains now use what is known as channel managers. A channel manager is a software responsible for retrieving information from online travel agencies. 

Hotels& Travel Agencies

This way, all systems out there are notified while you and the hotel are sure that your reservation is secured. Direct connection to online travel agencies isn’t the only way hotels distribute their rooms.

A friend from Irving Refrigerator Repair Service came up with a piece of information: A hotelier can sell some rooms in bulk to wholesalers or bed banks for a lower cost to keep a property filled.  

Conclusion; Connectivity in the travel industry is in full-on growth mode. There are about 29 million accommodation options on alone. There are boundless leisure and business travel options with APIs for nearly every service restaurant reservation, tours and attractions, events, and public transport. It’s a matter of your preference. Only your imagination limits the services you can combine to make the travel experience holistic and available from a single source of your choosing.